Solidarity with the people of Brussels, condemn terrorist bombings everywhere

WORKINS, a global network of trade union organisations initiated by the International League of People’s Struggles, completely condemns the March 22 2016 morning bombings at Brussels’ Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro station, which killed at least 31 people and wounded at least 316. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of all those affected by this terrible crime.

We join with the Belgian trade unions, and the international trade union organisations based in Brussels – the International Trade Union Confederation, IndustriAll, the Public Services International, the European Trade Union Confederation and the European Federation of Public Service Unions. We call for solidarity, oppose fear, hatred and division, and salute the workers and people of Brussels who responded with generosity and care.

These Brussels bombings, coming so soon after the massacres in Paris last November, make the West feel something like the massive impact of the car bombings in Turkey and Lebanon in recent months, as well as the much greater devastation of the wars in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. The terrorist bombings in Africa (Nigeria, Cameroun, Niger, Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina, Kenya, Somalia) have killed thousands of innocent people. All these are part of the one complex conflict triggered by imperial ambition in the Middle East and African regions.

WORKINS urges an end to this conflict which has killed so many farmers and workers on all sides, and this end should come by negotiation instead of escalated military action and ever more death and destruction. The talks to end the Syrian war are an important opportunity.

All imperial-inspired conflicts are to be abhorred and must stop. Who will be the next?

We condemn imperialism for inspiring the terrorism unleashed by different groups against the people, and the spread of anti-migrant and racist sentiment following crimes like the Brussels bombings. We oppose any new moves by imperialist governments to intensify military aggression and use new laws to suppress the peoples’ struggles anywhere.

Until now, trade union engagement in the campaign to end the wars in the Middle East and Africa has been patchy and sporadic. But the murder of so many workers and farmers, the abuse of so many women and children, and the surge of refugees fleeing the conflict areas, must motivate a more focused and sustained effort by the global workers’ movement. The beginning of this is more education about global conflicts and war, and more engagement in peace movements in our countries to demand justice and democracy everywhere.

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WORKINS – International League of People’s Struggles


Education Campaign Network Initiated by the ILPS
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