ILPS Workers Commission Statement on Palestinian protest in Gaza

Free, Free Palestine!

Killing Children is a crime!

Stop the US killing machine!

The Workers Commission of the International League of Peoples Struggles strongly endorses the rightful and extraordinarily courageous assertion of national rights of the Palestinian people by the population of Gaza since the Day of the Land mobilisation on March 30, 2018.

The march tactics of unarmed, direct, civilian-led mass action has unified the Palestinian people in the politically fractured Gaza Strip, and turned a global spotlight on the horrific situation in which people live in Gaza.

We stand in solidarity with them as they continue to protest under fire through to June 5, the anniversary of the 6-day war when Israel occupied the Palestinian lands of the West Bank and Gaza, the Syrian lands of the Golan Heights, and the Egyptian territory in the Sinai.

On many days up to 35,000 Palestinian people have rallied to the protests, and on many Fridays the number has been over 10,000.

We join our voice to that of the whole ILPS and world opinion to condemn the criminal brutality of the Israeli regime in its use of live ammunition and massive tear gas attacks against unarmed protesters during all these weeks, since March 30. The Israeli military have murdered 168 civilian Palestinians and the wounded 12,600 in the period up to May 20. Many children have been killed and injured. Not one Israeli soldier has been killed, and one was lightly injured.

When Israel made its murderous policy clear on March 30, by killing 19 and wounding 1,416, the international community did not react strongly to protect life and uphold international law, and so the deadly brutality was given the green light.

The decision by the US Trump administration to open its Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14 was the strongest endorsement of the Israeli government’s crimes. On that day, 62 protesters were killed and 3,200 wounded in Gaza. US imperialism has always defended the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, and Trump is simply the crudest expression yet of this policy.

The Workers Commission in particular condemns the use of snipers to kill two journalists and one doctor and damage 32 ambulances. Ninety journalists and two hundred medics have been wounded.

The Palestinian people are demanding the right of refugees to return to their homes, for an end to the Blockade of Gaza, and are condemning the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. We stand in solidarity for these demands.

Of course, we demand that the institutions of international law take action against the Israeli government, but we will not wait for them. ILPS Workers Commission calls for ongoing world-wide mobilisations by trade unions, workers and communities to demand justice for the Palestinian people, and an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and its criminal blockade of Gaza.

Download pdf Palestine Gaza Statement, ILPS 5 May 25, 2018.

Authorised by ILPS Workers Commission (International League of Peoples Struggles) and WORKINS (Workers international Struggle Initiatives)


Education Campaign Network Initiated by the ILPS
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